CryoSpace - cryotherapy

Novelty in Hotel Podium and Diagnostix Centre - Cryotherapy treatments in CryoSpace by JBG-2. Is the only one of its kind in surrounding area. We are happy to possess this kind of equipment – give it a try it’s wort it!
3 Minutes at Negative 140 Degrees Celsius.


1 treatment: 15€ - NOW ONLY 12€
For our hotel guests who are staying for at least 2 nights, first treatment is free of charge, following 10€ each.

- Package of 10 - 100€
- Package of 20 - 190€

To register for treatments call Podium Hotel Recption at (+48) 338555078 or register by e-mail:
The treatments are available everyday.



CryoSpace is a innovative product. It hase been designed and produced in Poland by polish company „JBG-2” Sp. z o. o.  Patented air circulation system (evenly distributed low temperatures inside cabin). Spacious interior with inner dimensions.

Some benefits of CryoSpace treatments :

Preparation of the body to endure higher load of exercise thus have an impact on better sports results.
Induction of changes in blood perfusion.
Reinforcement of body immune system.
Pain relief, regulation of muscle tone and decrease of muscle tension/spasms.

Before treatment you must:

1). Dry yoursef on.
2). Put on proper protectve clothing.
3). Keep safe your hands and feet.

Cryotherapy is a technique where body is exposed to extremely cold temperatures for several minutes. Blood vesels are tapering then suddenly enlarge. As a result blood flow speed is increased so oxygenation and nutrition of whole body is substantial. The pain is releved and the tissius are regenerated. The effect of cryotherapy holding for few hours after treatment.